About Mynatt Home Remodeling LLC

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Mynatt Home Remodeling LLC was created by Nathan Mynatt in 2020. Nathan started this business when he graduated college. He was introduced to this line of work by working for his father in high-school flipping houses in the Central Indiana area. He slowly learned how to do small projects such as painting, flooring, etc... As he became more familiar with the industry he saw the opportunity to change the industry. In college he started a small painting business for a few years, then decided to go into full home remodeling and hasn't looked back since.


Our Process

On-Site Consultations

Depending on the size of the project, there may be a lot of moving parts with multiple crews working there. If it is a larger size project a project manager will always be available to answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise..

Home Construction

The Finishing


As we are finishing the project, we focus on making YOU feel at home and love the work that is done. If there is ever a problem at the end of a project, we will fix it and make it right for you. Because without you, we wouldn't be here.

Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design

We use an online software to generate 3d renderings of each project that will need such designs.

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Design & Construction Estimate

Once the design is perfect for you and your family. A rough estimate will be sent over to you to look over. Once that is accepted, we have a consultation about the whole project and make final adjustments before the work is begun.

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